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This is my current query

$sel = "SELECT 
		db1t1.userid, db1t1.customer_id, db2t1.customers_id, db2t1.orders_id, db2t2.products_price
		database1.table1 db1t1
		LEFT JOIN database2.table1 db2t1 ON
			db1t1.customer_id = db2t1.customers_id
		LEFT JOIN database2.table2 db2t2 ON
			db2t1.orders_id = db2t2.orders_id	
	WHERE db1t1.userid IN(
			l.userid, l.username, r.username, r.cus_id 
			database1.table3 l
			LEFT JOIN database2.table4 r ON
				l.username = r.username
		WHERE r.cus_id = '1234'

Error message:

Operand should contain 1 column(s)
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The error occurred because that you returned a result with multiple columns to an IN clause.

Try this:

    `db1t1`.`userid`, `db1t1`.`customer_id`, `db2t1`.`customers_id`,
    `db2t1`.`orders_id`, `db2t2`.`products_price`
FROM `database1`.`table1` AS `db1t1`
    LEFT JOIN `database2`.`table1` AS `db2t1` 
    	USING (`customers_id`)
    LEFT JOIN `database2`.`table2` AS `db2t2`
    	USING (`orders_id`)  
WHERE `db1t1`.`userid` IN (
    SELECT `l`.`userid`
    FROM `database1`.`table3` AS `l`
    	LEFT JOIN `database2`.`table4` AS `r`
    		USING (`username`)
    WHERE `r`.`cus_id` = 1234

What are you trying to achieve ? Maybe we can find a better solution.

Also, I think that you should do an INNER JOIN instead of a LEFT JOIN in the subquery.

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Well thanks, I solve my problem after playing the query. –  mysqllearner Nov 24 '09 at 11:04

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