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I have the following code in my file to load a div with HTML from an AJAX call:

$('#searchButton').click( function() {
    $('#inquiry').load('/search.php?pid=' + $('#searchValue').val());

This works fine in Firefox and Google Chrome, but whenever I do the search in IE I get redirected back to index.php. I grabbed the URL from Firebug and pasted that into IE and no redirection happens, I just get the output that should be returned.

I also tried changing it to a $.get() request and a full $.ajax() request but still the same redirection.

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IE Handles default events differently (also beware of hitting enter in a text field). IE is causing some default event handler to fire. If searchButton is a link with HREF of "" it will reload the current page. You can try to set the href to "javascript:void(0)" or do something like:

$('#searchButton').click( function(e) {
    $('#inquiry').load('/search.php?pid=' + $('#searchValue').val());
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More fun. I have the input text and button wrapped in this form:

<form onSubmit="return false;">

and IE seems to be ignoring the return false. I tried modding the jQuery function to be like Steve's but it was still refreshing inproperly.

I removed the form tags and that took care of it.

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At least in XHTML it's lowercase onsubmit. Besides that it's better to do it via javascript - see Steve's answer. Besides that, removing the form tags results in invalid HTML. That's a bad thing. –  ThiefMaster Nov 22 '10 at 13:35

set the action attribute of the form to a javascript function (e.g. your search handling function) or "return false"

MSIE is firing the form action when you hit enter

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ummm.... action="javascript:foo();" –  Sugendran Oct 7 '08 at 22:18

Your function should return false to prevent the submit action of the button. I don't know how jQuery handles that, though.

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You should prevent default like follow way ..

var searchbutton = $('#searchButton');
var inquirysearchvalue = $('#inquiry').load('/search.php?pid=' + $('#searchValue');

searchbutton.click( function(e) {
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