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I understand the first part of the line, but I'm not sure what the part after the || does. Can anyone tell me how to convert this line to c#?

var g = grid[iy * gw + ix] || [];

Original source is here. http://www.dhteumeuleu.com/aqualibrium/source

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It's the logical or, but basically equivalent to C#'s null-coalescing operator ??. It resolves to the left, or the right if the left is false.

The one caveat is that, because of Javascript's dynamic typing, the situation isn't as clear-cut as in C#. The || forces the left-hand value to be converted to a bool, and there are various values that will end up being converted to false. For example, Javascript will evaluate all these as "other":

* false || 'other';
* 0 || 'other';
* '' || 'other';
* undefined || 'other';
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As commented || is equivalent to c#'s to the coalesce operator ??. And [] is an empty array.

In this case grid is an array of arrays of Particles. The C# equivalent code would be:

// Particle[][] grid = ...

Particle[] g = grid[iy * gw + ix] ?? new Particle[];
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