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I have a good handle on html & css and now I am looking to expand my skill set. I have started two courses over on Udemy a JavaScript & a Bootstrap. I finished the Bootstrap course and I am still working on the Javascript. I like Bootstrap so far and was going to work on understanding LESS but I heard SASS is better and found a Bootstrap SASS version. I feel that I have many language's in front of me but no clear path of what and when to learn each. Can someone help me with a good starting point?

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I'll bite. I suggest not getting hung up on which language to learn. I suggest if you're getting into programming, start with Python. Python is a useful backend language to learn if you're getting into web development, and won't bog you down with wild syntax while you're learning programming basics. JavaScript is a great language to learn if you're in web development as well, but it's more difficult to read and has some quirks that some people don't understand very well (function declaration vs function expression for example). Have fun, good luck! –  Trendy Jul 26 '13 at 23:56

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Learn PHP, MYSQL then learn frameworks out there in php. PHP and MysQL are not the end you can try asp.net and other languages.. My suggestion wovld be to select the best that you can do.. :) best of luck.

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JavaScript naturally follows html & css, without which your skills doesn't do much. Get the fundamentals straight, then dive deep into any good js library. Best bet would be jQuery.

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You definitely need to learn a dynamic, server-side language (code that spits back HTML to the browser) such as PHP or ASP.NET if you are to start building real world websites. PHP has almost no start up cost and is the easiest to learn, where as if you have a Microsoft environment, check out ASP.NET. I personally prefer PHP to build all of my sites due to the amount of resources on the internet since it is an open source language.

While learning PHP or ASP.NET, you will learn about MYSQL or SQL databases. PHP will focus more on MYSQL (Free) and ASP.NET will focus on SQL ($1,000+). They both use the same SQL syntax, just different platforms and costs.

Continue learning Javascript and throw in jQuery (client-side languages to change the page after it has loaded in the browser) to make the language seem less daunting. jQuery drastically simplifies the daunting javascript library into easy to remember functions.

Hope that helps!

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