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I have a controller with an action:

def index = Action { implicit request =>

And an index view with the following parameters:

@(my_models : List[MyModel])(implicit flash : Flash)

It seems as though I need to have both of these implicits in order to have access to the flash without passing it around explicitly. This is how I think the flash implicit works: If the template is called without an explicit flash parameter, then the compiler will look for a Flash marked implicit in the scope in which the view function was called. Where does this flash come from? The request is marked implicit, but it is not a Flash. I know that the request has a flash member, but I don't see how the view would gain access to this based on my understanding of implicits.

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Your method index is a part of some class, that extends Controller, so all methods of Controller are in scope.

There is implicit method flash in Controller:

 implicit def flash (implicit request: RequestHeader): Flash

So if you have implicit RequestHeader in scope it can be converter to Flash implicitly. `

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