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 public void DD_Location()
        var ctx = new LCCDB_EF();
        var query = ctx.tbl_Location;
        CB_Location.DataContext = query.ToList();

    private void CB_Location_DropDownClosed(object sender, EventArgs e)
       textbox_test.Text =CB_Location.Text;

Output in Textbox


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Try this

if(null != CB_Location.SelectedItem)
    textbox_test.Text = CB_Location.SelectedItem.ToString();
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Without seeing your XAML I can't be sure, but are you sure you've bound the list correctly? Try setting the Items property of combobox to your list, rather than the data context. Depending on what the type is and what you'd like to bind the text to, you may need to set the DisplayMemberPath property as appropriate, too.

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