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I'm created WindowPopup, with edittext. And when i focused on it, soft keyboard show and displace this popup above the top bounds, so i can't see what i'm typing. I want to show keyboard without any displace of views, just above them. I read that i can change softInputMode for it, so i'm created class which extends from EditText, and tried to change inputMode in onFocusListener, but it didn't help.

setOnFocusChangeListener(new OnFocusChangeListener() {

    public void onFocusChange(View veiw, boolean has_focus) {

        if (has_focus) {
            //Try to change input mode to prevent displacing
            ((Activity) getContext()).getWindow().setSoftInputMode(
        } else {
            //.. return back previous input mode


I did so, because i need such behavior only in this popup, but i even try to change action attribute in my manifets file




Can i show keyboard without any displacing of view?

P.S. i'm using Android API 15

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When PopupWindow creates popup view, it sets to it new WindowManager.LayoutParams with softInputMode, which is overwrites behavior of Window.softInputMode. Here piece of code from PopupWindow

private WindowManager.LayoutParams createPopupLayout(IBinder token) {

    WindowManager.LayoutParams p = new WindowManager.LayoutParams();
    p.gravity = Gravity.LEFT | Gravity.TOP;
    p.width = mLastWidth = mWidth;
    p.height = mLastHeight = mHeight;
    if (mBackground != null) {
        p.format = mBackground.getOpacity();
    } else {
        p.format = PixelFormat.TRANSLUCENT;
    p.flags = computeFlags(p.flags);
    p.type = mWindowLayoutType;
    p.token = token;
    /*mSoftInputMode is the private field which is by default equals
      to WindowManager.LayoutParams.SOFT_INPUT_STATE_UNCHANGED 
    p.softInputMode = mSoftInputMode;

So to change softInputMode you need just to call public method of PopupWindow


And there is no need to remember previous soft input method, because this behavior will be only for this PopupWindow

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