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I am new to ASP.Net MVC. I am trying to learn MVC3 by developing a online Education system. I am facing problem of passing value of textboxes and dropdown which are created by javascript from view to controller using view model. I have a scenario in which student add its list of current qualifications. enter image description here

In the above image I have tried to explain my problem.

At first only one row of education will view in view Page. When student click on Add button a new row will be added below it and so on.

I have created a StudentEducation ViewModel. I have also studied several questions on stack overflow similar like this. In all I have found that a generic list property is created and create controls in view by looping it. But my problem is at first there is not object in list i.e. I cannot set number of qualification student will add.

So Please help me in this regard.

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Lets say you have a ViewModel named StudentEducation In your post Action, you need a List<StudentEducation> like

public Action MyAction(List<StudentEducation> students)

You also need a get Action to fetch the View. At first it will be empty and will not contain any record

public Action MyAction()
   //here, initialize your 
   //List<StudentEducation> vm = new List<StudentEducation>();
   // and send it to view like
   return View(vm);

You also need a strongly typed view. In you view, you need to iterate your model and create list items like

@model IEnummerable<StudentEducation>

for(var i=0;i<@Model.count;i++)

Here is the interesting thing. The list will bind properly if your generated HTML markup is like

<input type="text" value="something" name="[1].PropertyName" />

here name="[1].PropertyName" is the most important thing. If you create your list HTML with names in this pattern then you will get a filled List<Studenteducatio> upon form submission

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Thanks. I have implemented your code successfully. –  user2558408 Jul 27 '13 at 14:17

You basicly need to model-bind to a list. Each new row you add into your table via JavaScript will have to have correct Id-s set to the html inputs.

I faced the same problem some time a go and this article by Phil Haack helped me to solve the problem.

I ended up generating a new row (although in my case it was a whole subform that could be entered multiple times) template to use when user pressed the "Add" button. I also implemented a JavaScript helper function that calculated the correct sequence number of the row to be inserted. I did not need to change anything in the controllers, model-binding just worked.

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Thanks. After reading Phil Hacck article I have successfully solved my problem. I have also tried by creating a partial view. But no luck. I have a student view model in which there is a property StudentEducationList of generic type. I am looping it into view and call html.partial with partial view name and object model with index. It created desired controls but as I am posting view with student view model it does not passes values of studenteducation viewmodel of which there is a property in student view model of list type. Can you please sent me the code of your partial view implementation. –  user2558408 Jul 27 '13 at 14:18

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