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I know how to configure VS 2008 to open windows forms controls in code instead of the designer. But I think I have seen a way I could do this with an attribute I could decorate the desired controls with. Does anyone know its name? This is especailly usefull if you want some controls to be opened in the designer and some in the c# code view.

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I think I have found where you already seen that: the Brian Ensink's blog. You can use the DesignerCategory attribute to mark class in order to choose how they are opened:

  • If you inherit a class from System.Windows.Form, it will be open by the designer view.
  • If you add the [System.ComponentModel.DesignerCategory("")] attribute, it will be open by the code view.
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The magic line you seek is:


Just put that before your control-derived type and kiss that useless designer goodbye.

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This option is available in Visual studio 2010

  1. Tools > Options
  2. check show all settings
  3. html Designer 4 select Source View
  4. restart Visual Studio
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Sorry, I don't think this is an answer to my question. –  bitbonk Jul 9 '12 at 8:29

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