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How can we simulate long press by touch event? or how can we calculate the time that screen is touched, all in ACTION_DOWN state?

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I have implemented a Touch screen long click finally , thx all:

textView.setOnTouchListener(new View.OnTouchListener() {

    private static final int MIN_CLICK_DURATION = 1000;
    private long startClickTime;

    public boolean onTouch(View v, MotionEvent event) {

        switch (event.getAction()) {
        case MotionEvent.ACTION_UP:
            longClickActive = false;
        case MotionEvent.ACTION_DOWN:
            if (longClickActive == false) {
                longClickActive = true;
                startClickTime = Calendar.getInstance().getTimeInMillis();
        case MotionEvent.ACTION_MOVE:
            if (longClickActive == true) {
                long clickDuration = Calendar.getInstance().getTimeInMillis() - startClickTime;
                if (clickDuration >= MIN_CLICK_DURATION) {
                    Toast.makeText(MainActivity.this, "LONG PRESSED!",Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
                    longClickActive = false;
        return true;

in which private boolean longClickActive = false; is a class variable.

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Thanks this lead to a solution for me. – ctapp1 Mar 26 '15 at 21:13
the problem is long tap is waiting for ACTION_MOVE which sometimes is not called but the long tap must be captured – sadegh saati Jun 5 '15 at 20:07

For calculating touch count you can get getPointerCount() of your event like here

and for Long click maybe this helps

Edit: and hope this link help you determining getting touch duration

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I need time not count dude. – Soheil Setayeshi Jul 27 '13 at 9:27
maybe i couldn't understand you well , so hope edited answer and attached link help you more , good luck – Arash Jul 27 '13 at 9:33
It was not completely my answer but inspired me by using Boolean flags. thx :D – Soheil Setayeshi Jul 27 '13 at 9:36

You have to count time between ACTION_DOWN and ACTION_UP events. It's impossible to calculate this time only in ACTOIN_DOWN state, cause it's the START event of sequence of events representing TAP of LONG TAP event

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Thx , I did it by using ACTION_DOWN and ACTION_MOVE. – Soheil Setayeshi Jul 27 '13 at 10:21

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