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I'm using Python PDFTK as part of a PDF text extraction project I'm working on. Does anyone know of any better text extraction libraries I can use?

I'm using Python, but these days anything is possible.

I'm also looking for alternatives - basically anything that can run equal or better. A few of my PDFs (not encrypted, etc.) just aren't being identified by the PDFTK extractor, and I'm not getting the progress I'm looking for.

Thanks for your time.

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Try PDFMiner. This is a PDF library that supports a lot of features. Basically, it also has a tool named pdf2text.py where they have provided an example of extracting contents from an encrypted PDF file to a plain text document. Refer to the section of pdf2text.py on the page.

Also has support for CJK languages (subject to installation of some dependencies)

Also has support for CJK characters

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did you forget something? Just curious if you hit enter too early :D –  jdero Jul 27 '13 at 21:13
Oops -- my bad ... seems like my keys got stuck and i did not see the final response :). Anyways , updated to the answer to inform that PDFMiner supports CJK characters too :) –  Prahalad Deshpande Jul 28 '13 at 5:03

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