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In my WPF application, I have a Canvas object that contains some UserControl objects.

I wish to animate the UserControl objects within the Canvas using DoubleAnimation so that they go from the right of the Canvas to the left of the Canvas. This is how I have done it so far (by passing the UserControl objects into the function):

    private void Animate(FrameworkElement e)
        DoubleAnimation ani = new DoubleAnimation()
            From = _container.ActualWidth,
            To = 0.0,
            Duration = new Duration(new TimeSpan(0, 0, 10),
            TargetElement = e

        TranslateTransform trans = new TranslateTransform();
        e.RenderTransform = trans;

        trans.BeginAnimation(TranslateTransform.XProperty, ani, HandoffBehavior.Compose);

However, this doesn't allow me to pause the animation, so I have considered using a Storyboard instead to do this, but I'm not sure how to implement this. This has been my attempt so far:

    private void Animate(FrameworkElement e)
        DoubleAnimation ani = new DoubleAnimation()
            From = _container.ActualWidth,
            To = 0.0,
            Duration = new Duration(new TimeSpan(0, 0, 10),
            TargetElement = e

        Storyboard stb = new Storyboard();
        Storyboard.SetTarget(ani, e);
        Storyboard.SetTargetProperty(ani, "Left");

Of course, this fails as UserControl doesn't have a Left property. How can I achieve what I'm after?


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Just to keep this Question updated, I eventually resolved the problem. The DoubleAnimation and Storyboard were being created and Storyboard.Begin() called on in a DispatcherTimer Tick event handler.

The trick was to dispatch the call to a delegate that called Storyboard.Begin().

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Could u provide C# code please? – Dimi Nov 18 '11 at 11:17
@Peretz The clue is in my last comment - use the dispatcher to put the call on the UI thread. – Neo Mar 29 '12 at 15:57


I think I have solved your problem. Here is what I've done:

I created a grid, with rows within it. In the first row, i put a stack panel to align my start, pause, resume buttons. In the second row, i placed a rectangle (my object that will animate). I then wired up some triggers for the start, pause, and resume buttons to start, pause, and resume the animation. Here is the code that I used:

<Window x:Class="Window1"
    Title="Window1" Height="300" Width="300">

    		<EventTrigger SourceName="StartBtn" RoutedEvent="Button.Click">
    				<BeginStoryboard x:Name="MyStoryboard">
    					<Storyboard >
    						<DoubleAnimation Storyboard.TargetName="MovingRect" Storyboard.TargetProperty="RenderTransform.(TranslateTransform.X)" From="0" To="250"  AutoReverse="True" RepeatBehavior="Forever"/>
    		<EventTrigger SourceName="StopBtn" RoutedEvent="Button.Click" >
    			<PauseStoryboard BeginStoryboardName="MyStoryboard" />
    		<EventTrigger SourceName="ResumeBtn" RoutedEvent="Button.Click" >
    			<ResumeStoryboard BeginStoryboardName="MyStoryboard" />
    		<RowDefinition />
    		<RowDefinition />
    	<StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal" Grid.Row="0">
    		<Button	 x:Name="StartBtn" Content="Start" Width="100" />
    		<Button	 x:Name="StopBtn" Content="Pause" Width="100" />
    		<Button	 x:Name="ResumeBtn" Content="Resume" Width="100" />
    	<Rectangle Name="MovingRect" Fill="Red" Width="50" Height="25" Grid.Row="2" HorizontalAlignment="Left">
    			<TranslateTransform X="0" Y="0" />

Here is my resulting output:

I've added the code to my Google Code project for your download. I've also zipped up the source code and it is available at the following address:

Also, here is a very good reference to WPF animations:

I hope this helps,


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Unfortunately, I need to do this programmatically (in the C# code-behind), and simply wish to modify my working Animate function to attach the DoubleAnimation object to a Storyboard object. Your code seems fine for XAML to achieve Start/Pause/Resume functionality, but I have a much simpler requirement - to attach a DoubleAnimation object to a Storyboard object and specify a property (in Storyboard.SetTargetProperty) to cause the target object to move across the Canvas from right to left. Is this possible? – Neo Nov 30 '09 at 12:17
Yeah I need C# code too... – Dimi Nov 18 '11 at 11:19

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