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I have an Octopress blog (amyhua.me, github.com/amyhua/amyhua-me) that I've generated with several posts and have deployed to Heroku. I've configured my DNS correctly (product check on DNS configuration passes), and the blog works on my local host. I did a git push heroku master which was successful, and the heroku logs show no apparent errors. But when I try to visit my heroku app at amyhua-me.herokuapp.com, it shows a message:

"Heroku | No such app There is no app configured at that hostname. Perhaps the app owner has renamed it, or you mistyped the URL."

I even started over with a new heroku app, deleting my former amyhua-me heroku app, and creating a new one I named amyhua-me (since my DNS servers point to amyhua-me.herokuapp.com), and it still throws a "No such app" message when I visit the herokuapp url.

Any ideas?

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So for anyone who cares, I solved my own problem. It was the difference between pointing to www.mydomain.herokuapp.com versus mydomain.herokuapp.com from my DNS server.

Pointing to mydomain.herokuapp.com goes to my heroku app, mydomain.

Pointing to www.mydomain.herokuapp.com goes to a "Heroku | No such app" page.

Lesson learned: don't use the "www" in your DNS configuration!

Or.... just avoid the hassle and use the Zerigo DNS heroku plug-in.

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