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I have to fetch the event list of the current user logged in my app in Android and I'm using this code to extract the list:

  String fqlQuery = "SELECT eid, name, pic, creator, start_time FROM event WHERE eid IN " + " (SELECT eid FROM event_member WHERE uid = me() LIMIT 25)";
        Bundle params = new Bundle();
          params.putString("q", fqlQuery);
          Session session = Session.getActiveSession();
          Request request = new Request(session,
              new Request.Callback(){         
                  public void onCompleted(Response response) {
                      Log.i(TAG, "Result: " + response.toString());

but I'm always getting blank result set. Please let me know what am I missing here. I'm new to this and trying to learn from facebook developers guide.

Permission that I'm using for my app:

  • Default Activity Privacy: Public
  • User & Friend Permissions: user_events friends_events
  • Auth Token Parameter: queryString
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This is not where you set your permissions, this is for the App Center. There is a note right at the top of that page.

Use these settings to enter the set of permissions your app requires when displayed in App Center

You need to add the permissions scope within your Android code

Android login uses the setReadPermissions and setPublishPermissions on the LoginButton class.

For example in the Android Login Tutorial

LoginButton authButton = (LoginButton) view.findViewById(;
authButton.setReadPermissions(Arrays.asList("user_events", "friends_events"));

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Thanks! I just figured out this permission method. Yes now I'm setting through code. – JackSparrow Jul 27 '13 at 13:47

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