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I include my stylesheet with a normal <link /> tag, but I need/want to access to twig variables from inside the stylesheet. Is this possible? THe only thing I imagine is putting the whole stylesheet into the document inside a <style> tag, but that won't be very pretty ;) .

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You can't simply turn a CSS file in a twig file. There are many solutions, depending on the situation. What exactly would you like to do with your CSS ? – Webberig Jul 27 '13 at 13:19

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Create a stylesheet, for instance styles.css.twig and put the content there. For instance:

    color: {{ user_color }};

Now, create a class which renders this file and saves it somewhere:

class TemplateRenderer
    protected $basepath;
    protected $templating;
    protected $parameters = array();

    public function __construct($templating, $basepath, $styleseheetpath)
        $this->basepath = $basepath; /* "%kerel.base_path" parameter */
        $this->templating = $templating; /* "twig" service */
        $this->stylesheetpath = $stylesheetpath; /* custom defined parameter */

    public function setParam($id, $value)
        $this->parameters[$id] = $value;

    public function render()

Register this class as a service and register it as an after event listener ( ).

From your controller (or from the event config file using method injection), you can call the setParam method to set a variable.

Inside your base html file, you can include this file using it's path (now, web/assets/css/styles.css).

Please note that the code is an example. Some error handling and caching is definitely needed to make this usable in production.

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