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I tried to install clang_complete for vim. I have downloaded source and when I try to make it, it gives me this:

E492: Not an editor command %MkVimball! clang_complete.vmb

any idea?

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It looks like the Vimball plugin (which defines the :MkVimball command) isn't active or installed. That's strange; it ships with Vim. Please investigate what's wrong with your setup (:set rtp? and :scriptnames will help), or re-install the plugin, e.g. from vim.org.

Or just install the clang_complete from a different format, e.g. the downloadable ZIPs from the vim-scripts.org mirror.

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The problem was that MKvimball script was missing. I made a sample .vimrc cause I had not anyone thanks to Alex and then downloaded mkvimball.vba, opened it using vim and ran :so %. –  SAM Jul 27 '13 at 15:17

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