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I am using django-jsonify to convert django variable into json in javascript, and it returns such list

[{"pk": 4, "model": "", "fields": {"summary": "Testing", "title": "My Test"}}, {"pk": 5, "model": "", "fields": {"summary": "testing again", "title": "Another test"}}]

But desired list is

[{"pk": 4,"summary": "Testing", "title": "My Test"}, {"pk": 5,"summary": "testing again", "title": "Another test"}]
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django-jsonify is just a thin wrapper around Django's builtin JSON model serializer. See:

If you want a different format, you'll have to define your own serializer. To do so, subclass the stdlib's json.JSONEncoder, and override the .default() method:

You'll also need to hook up your own template tag (or pass the JSON via the view, etc) - but, as you can see in the django-jsonify source, that part isn't very much code.

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I have decided to use backbone with tastypie to fetch data – Aydar Omurbekov Jul 27 '13 at 17:14

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