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I am trying to change the text of a text object in a tkinter canvas. The normal self.canvas.itemconfig(self.land[(0, 0)], text=str(self.ctr)) works, where self.land is a dictionary of ID's where the coordinate is the Key. When I try to make the change wait a for a few seconds and use, self.root.after(1000, self.canvas.itemconfig, self.land[(0, 0)], text=str(self.ctr)) I get "TypeError: after() got an unexpected keyword argument 'text'" Why?

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As error message said, after method does not accept text keyword argument.

Try following code:

self.root.after(1000, lambda: self.canvas.itemconfig(self.land[(0, 0)], text=str(self.ctr)))
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Yup, thanks, that did the trick, I just wonder why after saw text as a variable for itself and not itemconfig. –  EasilyBaffled Jul 27 '13 at 18:29
@EasilyBaffled, after does not pass keyword arguments to callback. See after documentation. –  falsetru Jul 27 '13 at 18:33
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