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Im developing android application to detect the ongoing traffic condition using accelerometer and update the data in a data base. the location of the traffic condition s obtained by using gps. I have developed the algorthm to detect traffic.after detecting want to turn on gps and send the data to data base. does it need to do the gps thing in a seperate activity? if so then how can i run the two actvtes parallely(as i have to detect traffic while gps location s obtaining and that actvity should work continuously) plz help me m realy confused thanks in advance

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Please look into android services.

The Gps detection would be in a service and run separately from your app but in a bound service and send callbacks to your activity of GPS coordinates.

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thanks for quick responce.can i run both traffic detection and gps from service – user2020938 Jul 27 '13 at 18:47

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