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I would like to know how to pass a variable to all my templates, without repeating the same code on every method in my views.py file?

In the example below I would like to make categories (an array of category objects) available to all templates in the web app.

Eg: I would like to avoid writing 'categories':categories on every method. Is it possible?

One view method

def front_page(request):
    categories = Category.objects.all()
    if is_logged_in(request) is False:
        return render_to_response('users/signup.html', {'is_logged_in': is_logged_in(request), 'categories':categories}, context_instance=RequestContext(request))
        return render_to_response('users/front_page.html', {'is_logged_in': is_logged_in(request), 'categories':categories},context_instance=RequestContext(request))

Another view method

def another_view_method(request):
    categories = Category.objects.all()
    return render_to_response('eg/front_page.html', {'is_logged_in': is_logged_in(request), 'categories':categories},context_instance=RequestContext(request))
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They are called CONTEXT PROCESSORS – Victor Castillo Torres Jul 27 '13 at 19:03
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What you want It's a TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS and it's very easy to create one for example assuming you have got an app named custom_app you have to follow the next steps to create one.

  • Add custom_app to INSTALLED_APPS in settings.py
  • Create a context_processors.py into custom_app folder.
  • Add the next code

    def categories_processor(request):
     categories = Category.objects.all()            
     return {'categories': categories}
  • Add context_processors.py to TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS in settings.py

    TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS += ("custom_app.context_processors.categories_processor", )

And now you can use {{categories}} in all the templates :D

As of Django 1.8

To add a TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS, in the settings you must add the next code:

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It works! Thank you : ) – ipegasus Jul 27 '13 at 19:23
You're welcome man :D – Victor Castillo Torres Jul 27 '13 at 19:24
Is it possible to make this work for any app in the project, instead of just custom_app? – jvannistelrooy Feb 25 '14 at 10:00
@jvannistelrooy Yes, it's possible. – Victor Castillo Torres Feb 26 '14 at 1:18
@EazyC As you can see the parameter of the function is a request, so you can get the logged user with request.user, and do whatever you want with it. – Victor Castillo Torres Aug 4 '15 at 4:41

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