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I need to design a class for packet capture tool. Class should provide service to start and stop a dumpcap packet capture. Class should be capable of accepting all sorts of inputs which includes interface type, various filters, autostop condition and destination directory to save captured file. Here filters can contain src, dest and anyone or all combining primitives such as not/or/and.

Out of my knowledge I designed a class as below where inputs are passed through constructor

Class PacketCaptureService {

private static HashMap<Integer,PacketCaptureService> runningPcaps = new HashMap<Integer,PacketCaptureService>();

//instance variables
private String interfaceType;
private String filters;
private String autostopCondition;
private String captureSaveLocation;
private int processid;    

public PacketCaptureService(interfaceType, filters, stopCondition, saveLocation) 
   this.interfaceType = interfaceType;  //sample value -> eth0
   this.filters = filters;  //sample value, requires to be enclosed within doublequotes-> \"port 50000 and port 50001\"
   this.autostopCondition = stopCondition  //sample value -> duration:20
   this.captureSaveLocation = saveLocation; //sample value -> /tmp/pcap/

public void startcapture() throws Exception
   StringBuilder cmdStr = new StringBuilder();
   cmdStr.append("\usr\bin\ ");
   cmdStr.append(interfaceType + " ");
   cmdStr.append(filters + " ");
   cmdStr.append(autostopCondition + " ");
   cmdStr.append(captureSaveLocation + " ");
   String[] cmdArr = {"\bin\sh","-c",cmdStr.toString()};
   Process pcapProcess = Runtime.getRuntime.exec(cmdArr);
   processid = getProcessId();
   runningPcaps.put(processid, this); 

public void stopCapture() throws Exception
      Runtime.getRuntime.exec("Kill -2 " + processid);

public int getProcessId()
   //logic to get the process id of executed packet capture process

public static PacketCaptureService getRunningPcapInfo(int processid)
   return runningPcaps.get(processid);

//getter methods for all instance variables

} is a linux script file which executes the dumpcap command with the passed inputs and file looks like below

dumpcap -i $1 -f "$2" -a $3 -w $4

Sample code which uses above service class

PacketCaptureService pcap = new PacketCaptureService("eth0","\"port 50000 or host\"","duration:20","\tmp\pcap\");

//for capturing

//for stop capturing
PacketCaptureService runningProc = getRunningPcapInfo(2355);

I'm getting the inputs from user through GUI where he can choose different ip, ports, src, dest and select and/or/not combination. So based on the user selection i will frame the filters and finally instantiate service class and call startCapture method.

I know above code will work, but i hope it can be designed in a better way than this - where the same service can be used for packet capturing using tcpdump instead of dumpcap, where framing inputs and command execution needs changes.

Please provide your suggestions to design a robust PacketCaptureService class which will really helps me, thanks in advance.

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"i hope it can be designed in a better way than this" probably, but that's not really the topic of Stackoverflow since that's mostly opinion based. Maybe but it's a lot of code. If there is .startCapture(); .stopCapture() should be IMO in the same Object or at least in an object returned by start – zapl Jul 27 '13 at 20:53
@zapl thanks, i check it in – sraina Jul 28 '13 at 4:25

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