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I have a Post model that has voters. in Elastic Search i have indexed Post so that i have following example data: name: 'My first post', voter_ids: [1,2,3]. I am trying to search posts so that I only get results for given voter_ids. For example if search says 1,2, i want to get My first post in results since it has voter_ids 1 and 2, but if search is 1,5, I should not see that post in my result since voter 5 never voted on that post. following code returns all the posts that have any of the voter_ids specified. so its like OR-ing. What i am looking is AND.

@posts = Post.search(load: true) do |tire|
  tire.filter :terms, :voter_ids => voter_ids
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Create the equivalent of this:

"filter" : {
    "terms" : {
        "voter_ids" : ["1", "2"],
        "execution" : "and"

From reading the elasticsearch docs there is an execution parameter on a terms filter which you can set to be and.

Good luck!

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thanks. perfect – Iuri G. Jul 29 '13 at 13:31

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