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I am adding widgets into my application. I am adding widgets in a Gallery View inside a fragment. After running application what i see, the whole widget area is in white background & a loading animation is going on. It can be assumed the widgets is added in the Gallery View but the widget view is not loading properly there. But if i use the same code inside a activity, not in a fragment. The widgets get add & also the widgets view get load properly. I looked over internet to know about the reason of this problem but got no help. So my question is, can anyone tell me whats wrong going on when i m trying to add widget inside Gallery View in a Fragment? Any help/ideas to figure out the problem or solving the problem are highly appreciated. Thanks.

Below i am adding the code which i used to add widgets inside the Gallery.

    public void addWidget(int appWidgetId, AppWidgetProviderInfo obj,
            FrameLayout fl) {

        Log.e("Pacage name", obj.provider.getPackageName() + "");
        Log.e("Class name", obj.provider.getClassName() + "");

        // Get the full info of the required widget
        AppWidgetProviderInfo newAppWidgetProviderInfo = new AppWidgetProviderInfo();
        newAppWidgetProviderInfo = obj;

        // Create Widget
        AppWidgetHostView hostView = /*HomeActivity.*/mAppWidgetHost
                .createView(context, appWidgetId, newAppWidgetProviderInfo);
        hostView.setAppWidget(appWidgetId, newAppWidgetProviderInfo);

        // Add it to your layout

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