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I am using the {% gist xyz %} template in my Jekyll generated site but right before the gist on the generated html page, it inserts a link to a stylesheet on GitHub which clashes horribly in colour with a dark themed website. I can't put the style that I want in a stylesheet in <head> for the obvious reason that it will just be overwritten by the inline style. After site generation, this is the relevant section of code:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://gist.github.com/assets/embed-8f95cc15c5dcf1117ab18c08ff316641.css">
<div id="gistNUMBER" class="gist">

Does anyone have an advice on how I would go about restyling the gist or disabling the addition of this stylesheet?

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If you mark all of the CSS rules with !important, then they won't be over written. Should have thought of this sooner :P

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