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how can I implement something like this in coffee script? when I run node a.js both A and B is type function


exports = module.exports = A;
var B = require('./b');
function A() {
  console.log('I\'m A');
console.log('B=', typeof B);


exports = module.exports = B;
var A = require('./a');
function B() {
  console.log('I\'m B');
console.log('A=', typeof A);

I tried several approach in the Coffee-Script, but no one approach can do the exactly same like the javascript above.

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Having modules depend on each other doesn't sound like a good idea, but if its what you need, this works:


A = () ->
  console.log('I\'m A')

module.exports = A

B = require('./b')

console.log('B=', typeof B)


B = () ->
  console.log('I\'m B')

module.exports = B

A = require('./a')

console.log('A=', typeof A)

Please make sure you read the module cycles section of the node.js documentation (it talks about how a module may not finish executing before returning).

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that also what I found out :)~ anyways thanks ~ –  Payne Chu Jul 30 '13 at 10:01

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