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This one is really bugging me. I'm getting an error in my console of Uncaught Error: cannot call methods on dialog prior to initialization; attempted to call method 'close'

$( function() {
        autoOpen: false,
        show: {
            effect: "blind",
            duration: 1000
        hide: {
            effect: "explode",
            duration: 1000

    /* Make the Search div a button and open dialog on click */
    $( "#search_all_button" ).button().click(function() {       
        $( "#search_all_notes_input" ).dialog( "open" );

$('#submit_search_all_button').click( function () {
    var searchText = $('#search_all_text').val();       
    var query = location.search.split('=');
    var urlMrn = query[1];
    formData = { mnr: urlMRN, search_text: searchText };
    //$.post('note_search.php', formData, getMatchedNotes(data));

Any ideas? I'm using a button element inside my dialog div instead of a custom dialog button. Also, the script is loaded at the very end of my HTML page

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this inside your click event is referring to the button itself, not the modal/dialog, therefore you cannot call close on it. You'll need to call close on the DOM element you initialized the dialog on. You do it on the open event: $( "#search_all_notes_input" ).dialog( "open" );, target the same element when you wish to close it. – Ken Jul 27 '13 at 21:28
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The problem is you're calling the dialog('close') on the #submit_search_all_button button, not the #search_all_notes_input element that you originally created a dialog on.

Instead of $(this).dialog('close');, use this:

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