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Every time I open google homepage in Firefox I keep getting this really annoying message below the address bar as shown below.

Get to Google faster. Add Google to your start page.

I often delete history(cache), so even if I click "No Thanks", it appears again. Is there a script to disable it permanently.

Is it possible to remove the "Install Google Chrome" ad from the Google home page.

enter image description here

Edit: There seems to be no solution neither on the internet nor from the users here, so I formed my own script. Works fine. Please refer my answer below.

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Install Greasemonkey addon to firefox and add the following script.

google.promos&&google.promos.toast && google.promos.toast.cpc(); window.google.promos.pushdown.pd_tp = function(){return false;};

If you want to understand how it works, read further.

Removing the Chrome promo-box: The first line of the code invokes the function that executes when we click the close button on the chrome promo-box.

Disabling the push-down bar: Unfortunately, this task is not as easy as the previous one, because the push-down bar activates after a short delay (clever programming by the google folks). So, our only choice is to remove the contents of the function that initiates the push-down event. The second line accomplishes this effectively.

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