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This error only seems to happen to some users, and I'm unsure how many. The ones who do receive it, receive it continually. I have the method:


And in the completion handler, they receive the following error:

Error Domain=com.evernote.sdk Code=-3000 "The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.evernote.sdk error -3000.)" UserInfo=0x1d8a2ae0 {statusCode=401}

Any way that I can find out what this error means and how to resolve it?

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3 Answers 3

Please make sure you follow all steps when integrating the SDK including modifying your plist file and AppDelegate

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Yes i have also getting this error. After setting consumer key in plist URL scheme it is running fine.

enter image description here

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Another possibility is described by this post:

Basically in the delegate if you have also dropbox api defined you need to combine the requests in the method: (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)app openURL:(NSURL *)url

Hope it helps.


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