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I want to know how many items are in a Python Counter, including the duplicates. I tried len and it tells me the number of unique items:

>>> c = Counter(x=3,y=7)
>>> len(c)

The best I have is sum(c.itervalues()) which I suppose isn't terrible, but I was hoping the Counter object caches the value so I could access it in O(1).

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The Counter docs give your sum(c.itervalues()) answer as the standard pattern for this in the "Common patterns for working with Counter objects" section, so I doubt there's anything better.

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You can look through the source code; there is no cached value recording the number of items in the Counter. So the best you can do is sum(c.itervalues()).

In [108]: import collections

In [109]: c = collections.Counter(x=3, y=7)

In [110]: sum(c.itervalues())
Out[110]: 10
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