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The question is simple, the answer maybe not.

I'm trying to apply several styles to all input elements without an specific id. I use this selector in my CSS stylesheet: input[id!='move'] but unfortunately it's not working either in IE10 or in Chrome.

The curious thing is that this block: input:not(#move) works perfectly in both. I'm lost because the first block of code is supposed to work as far as I understand how these kind of selectors work.

Any ideas?

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You can't exclude an attribute by using attribute selectors alone - using ! to exclude an attribute value in CSS is invalid. If you need to exclude an ID you will have to include the :not() pseudo-class. –  Adrift Jul 28 '13 at 2:56

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That is a non-standard attribute selector invented by jQuery. It's not part of the Selectors specification, so it won't work in a stylesheet.

FWIW, the direct equivalent of input[id!='move'] in CSS is input:not([id='move']). But since you're looking to match elements without a specific and exact ID, input:not(#move) is fine.

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