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I have created a histogram for some data that I have in a .dat file using the


plot 'file' using (bin($1,binwidth) + binwidth/2):(1.0) smooth freq with boxes

but because my file has over 1,000,000 entries that it reads from and puts into different bins, I don't know the exact frequency/density of each bin is. I would like to know the frequency or have it write the frequency to a file possibly, does anyone know if its possible? I was also wondering whether instead of frequency it was possible to plot percentage on the y-axis so example if my frequency is 50,000 and my total number is 1,000,000 then on the y-axis to have a percentage instead of the actual frequency?

Thank you

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You can use the stats command to get the number of entries.

stats 'file'

plot 'file' using (bin($1,binwidth) + binwidth/2):(1.0/STATS_records) smooth freq with boxes

To plot the percentage use

plot 'file' using (bin($1,binwidth) + binwidth/2):(100.0/STATS_records) smooth freq with boxes
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You have saved me hours and hours of work! Thank you so much!! –  Maheen Siddiqui Jul 31 '13 at 14:34
I also figured out another solution by reading online (but its less convenient than what you mentioned) - for people with similar problems - 'filename' binwidth = ... bin(x,width)=width*floor(x/width) set table "hist.dat" plot fname1 using (bin($1,bw)+bw/2):(1.0) smooth frequency unset table The 'set table' allows all the information about the histogram to be saved in a file, in this case "hist.dat" –  Maheen Siddiqui Jul 31 '13 at 14:38

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