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After i have used wsdl to generate web service client classes, do i still need to use the wsdl at runtime? It seems like i dont have to, but in the generated classes , I see a url link to the wsdl file. So is the wsdl needed at runtime for the client to consume the web services?

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It depends on the language. You didn't specify what you're using, but - for example...

  • In c#, if you generate a proxy via Visual Studio, the WSDL is not used at runtime; it generates a class for you that is used instead.
  • I have seen other clients that require a local copy of the WSDL; older versions of the MS Soap Toolkit required one. We ran into this when using that toolkit with VB6.
  • According to this question, java requires a wsdl at runtime because some dependencies are generated at runtime.
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