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I have a search form where I have to search by Category which is a drop down list.There are 2 tables called members and categories.In categories table there are two fields as ID and Name(this Name field stores the name of the category like bank,hospital..).members table there is a field called Category which has the ID of the category which is same as the categories table ID value(Category field in members table is a foreign key).

Here is the code for the drop down list

<?php if($_GET['level']==2){ ?>
        Category<select name="Cat" style="display:inline-block">
        <?php $rs=mysql_query("SELECT ID,Name FROM categories ORDER BY Name"); 
            <option value="<?php echo $rc[ID]; ?>" 
            <? echo $_POST['Cat'];?>
            <?php if($_POST['Cat']==$rc[ID])
                     echo 'selected'; ?> >
            <?php echo $rc['Name']; ?></option>
            <?php } ?>
        <?php } ?>

I have several palces where I don't understand in this code.

  1. What's the use of value="<?php echo $rc[ID]".It is supposed to echo what I just input in the text box right?But $rc[ID] refers to a value from 1,2,3,4,5 but for the values in the drop down list it doesn't show numbers.So why echo this?
  2. $_POST['Cat'] doesn't refer to anything in the database right because I don't have such field.It has to do with <form name="Cat">. How does this $_POST['Cat'] gets values which should be integers in order to see a matching with $rc[ID].But how does it get integer values because all I am inputting is from the drop down list a particular name.
  3. What's the use of "echo selected"?Is it there to be used when a matching is found then the option tag becomes <option selected> so that this value pops to the top of the list
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  1. value=<?php echo $rc[ID] this use only for the database when you submit the form this value is stored to your database table Ex. <option value='1'>Display Value</option> here 1 is store to db and display value used to display value is front end.

  2. $_POST['Cat'] right this is not referring any database value this value is happens only when you submit the form In your case you have to write #rc[Name] then only display the drop down.

  3. the use of echo selected is that when your condition match then only first time in the drop down list value is selected automatically.


<option value="<?php echo $rc[ID]; ?> gives integer value because your are getting post value of select drop down list $rc[ID] gives the value because you are using to fetch data from database like SELECT ID,Name FROM categories ORDER BY Name

May this help you

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How can $_POST['Cat'] get a integer value to match that of $rc[ID].And there's no table specified for the value=<?php echo $rc[ID] to be stored.I don't think it goes to the database. – clarkson Jul 28 '13 at 6:24

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