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After reading this question I installed Consolas. The trouble is, now the text seems too small. I have to adjust it to size 12 to use it comfortably. Anyone else experience this when switching to Consolas (or any other font)? Do my eyes just have to adjust to this new font or is it a sign that my eyesight is deteriorating?

My resolution is 1280x1024

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For the sake of people who might land here later: hivelogic.com/articles/top-10-programming-fonts – Jikku Jose Nov 21 '14 at 10:52

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I am a huge fan of ProFontWindows @ size 7 on a 24" monitor. Its small but very legible and it allows me to fit a lot more code on my coding screen.


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Me too, I use profont for everything :) – Dan Oct 7 '08 at 15:59
So why does my ProFont look cruddy at 7? A "dots per pixel" issue with my displays? I want to maximize chars per pixel -- raster would be best, but I've had trouble finding truetype versions of the smallest ones, and end up using ProFont or Proggy Tiny as the lesser evils. But if I go lower than 9 on ProFont, it craptastics. Pretty sure a Retina MacBook "fixes" this issue, which is why I suppose it's "dots per pixel"... but I'm not sure how pixels would change from display to display other than Retina's scaling. Do other displays do the same? – ruffin Nov 5 '12 at 15:47

I use Consolas, 11pt on my 1440x900 laptop (Windows XP). I've been using 10pt for some time but I found myself having eye strain so I've set 11pt for all the development tools, editors and shells I'm using.

I would, however, be much hapier if 11pt Consolas would be a little smaller. I don't like that big difference between Consolas 10pt and 11pt.

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I use proggy font "tiny" I believe its 10pt I love it, it is a bit small but I like to maximize my screen real estate.

Res: 1280x1024


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Consolas 9pt on 1280 x 1024 on 19" does it for me, but I'm sure Consolas wins the popularity contest at any size.

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I use 11pt, bold.

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I use Consolas 10pt on Windows, and have found it to be extremely legible no matter what my resolution -- or more specifically, the monitor's DPI -- was. This is on dual 19" 1280x1024 monitors, my home 19" 1440x900, a 15" laptop at 1024x768 and a 15.4" laptop at 1440x900 (which was the only one where I even considered adjusting the font size).

Now, where it gets tricky is in a Mac world. (Yes, I did a Bad Bad Thing and copied the font onto my Mac for XCode.) In the Mac world, I found 10pt to be completely illegible no matter what monitor I was hooked up to. For Mac, I adjusted myself up to (I think) 12 or 14pt. However, on-screen, that wound up being about the same size as 10pt in Windows for me, so it was the same net all around.

I used to love ProFont. Until I discovered Consolas.

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I use consolas 11 pt and that's plenty big for me, but I use a resolution of 1440 x 900.

PS. Never any harm to get your eyes checked out, when you work at this game.

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I use consolas 10 point on a 1280x1024 screen & 11 point on 1600x1200 screens. It is remarkably clear even at small sizes.

I have WinMerge set to use it at 8 points, it's still readable and I can compare code side-by-side without scrolling left and right (although, I wouldn't want to use it for coding at this size).

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I use Consolas 10pt on 2x 1680x1050 (22"). It's fine once you get used to this. In my experience far better than other settings I tried, even with other fonts.

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I use Consolas at 12 point too; I think I used to be 10 point Courier New.

The resolution of your screen is irrelevant without the size of the monitor. You'll need a bigger font size on a laptop than on a 24" monitor even if the resolutions are the same

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I use consolas 9 pt @ 1280x800, 15.4 inch monitor (laptop)

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Consolas 9pt (I just wish FireFox will 'fix' their font size determination) on 22" and 24" monitors.

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Perhaps irrelevant, but make sure you have ClearType enabled. It makes the font look crisper.

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It makes the font actullly readable as opposed to non-ClearType version :) – Roman Plášil Nov 25 '09 at 10:16

Consolas 10pt

I also invert my IDE colors to run light yellow type on a dark blue background. I think it was an old Borland standard configuration that I have since adopted.

Anyway -- I find it helps a lot on eyestrain (you're not staring into white light all day) and as such it helps with text clarity.

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My gvim says I use "Misc Fixed Semi-Condensed 10".

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These days I have been using Source Code Pro (open source font from Adobe) at 14pt. I used to use fonts at a lower font size but I don't want to strain my eyes, and I find 14 to be very readable and doesn't strain my eyes at all.

I can generally fit 44 lines of code on my terminal with this font/size. I think that is plenty, plus straining your eyes less is priceless.

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I use Inconsolata 11 pt. With iTerm2 it makes a great reading

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