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I'm trying to use an ActiveX object in a Delphi application. One of the methods that I must use require that I send the following structure:

SCategoryMember = packed record
    terminal: WideString;
    semanticStatements: WideString;
    symbolAttributeDefinitions: WideString;

through this method call:

procedure SetCategoryMembers(var a_category: SGrammarSymbol; 
  a_mode: SetCategoryMode;  
  var a_members: PSafeArray); safecall;

where the SCategoryMember structure should be sent as an element in the a_members parameter.

Any idea on how I can convert the packet record into an element in a PSafeArray?

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See this post for a link that might help. – Ken White Jul 28 '13 at 6:08

I suppose you expect an array of records to be sent to the ActiveX method.

AFAIK, Delphi does not support direct marshaling of COM record types (i.e. the internal VT_RECORD type). But you can try to create a safe array pointing to the data. But the fact that your structure has WideString members may be an additional problem. It is somewhat difficult, but feasible, if you take a look at this answer.

What we usually do with COM for such structures is to define an object instead of a record (e.g. a class instead of a struct in C#). And insteas of an array, we define a List<>. Then it is imported as Delphi interfaces in the corresponding ..._tlb.pas with all needed members. No need to tweak with the COM internals. If you can change the ActiveX code, I recommend you go this way.

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