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I have a 3d map or matrix and I want to construct the point cloud from it. I've already done that using this code:

function [pcloud, distance] = depthToCloud(depth, topleft)
% depthToCloud.m - Convert depth image into 3D point cloud
% Author: Liefeng Bo and Kevin Lai
% Input: 
% depth - the depth image
% topleft - the position of the top-left corner of depth in the original depth image. Assumes depth is uncropped if this is not provided
% Output:
% pcloud - the point cloud, where each channel is the x, y, and z euclidean coordinates respectively. Missing values are NaN.
% distance - euclidean distance from the sensor to each point

if nargin < 2
    topleft = [1 1];

depth= double(depth);
depth(depth == 0) = nan;

% RGB-D camera constants
center = [320 240];
[imh, imw] = size(depth);
constant = 570.3;
MM_PER_M = 1000;

% convert depth image to 3d point clouds
pcloud = zeros(imh,imw,3);
xgrid = ones(imh,1)*(1:imw) + (topleft(1)-1) - center(1);
ygrid = (1:imh)'*ones(1,imw) + (topleft(2)-1) - center(2);
pcloud(:,:,1) = xgrid.*depth/constant/MM_PER_M;
pcloud(:,:,2) = ygrid.*depth/constant/MM_PER_M;
pcloud(:,:,3) = depth/MM_PER_M;
%distance = sqrt(sum(pcloud.^2,3));

but I'm asking if there is any more efficient way? Also after constructing the point cloud I want to get the normal of each point and I used the built-in matlab function surfnorm but its takes a lot of processing time. So if anyone could assist me do this a better and more efficient way.

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What is the size of your image and what OS do you have? – Oleg Jul 28 '13 at 10:40
640x480 and I'm working on windows – Tak Jul 28 '13 at 10:51
The code looks efficient. Have you tried to profile your script to see what is taking much time? – Oleg Jul 28 '13 at 11:02
Yes I know, thats why I'm asking if any expert can assist me. Any solutions for getting the normal of each 3d point? – Tak Jul 28 '13 at 13:21
Saying that it takes a lot of processing time is not sufficient. While you might think it should take less it might well be taking the necessary time. Please profile your script to detect the bottleneck, and then post results back. – Oleg Jul 28 '13 at 16:03

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