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I have a single form with multiple submit buttons that the user can click to perform a delete action action but on different ids (deleting a row in a mySQL table)

The problem is that whenever any of the submit images are clicked only the last record is deleted and that is because I am not serializing my submit buttons. I would prefer to NOT use arrays.

Is there a way to seialize each submit button so the correct value in the INPUT HIDDEN is processed when the form is submitted? Thanks

// mysql DELETE statement goes here (removed for convenience)

and the HTML/PHP code is:

<form name="messageInbox" method="POST">
$sql code for the while loop goes here (removed for convenience)
while(){  // correct while loop code goes here (removed for convenience)


echo '<p><input type="image" src="" id="deleteMessage"><input type="hidden" name="msgHash" value="'.$row[msgHash].'"></p>';



I have googled and searched this site for an answer and have been unsuccessful in finding a similar problem/solution. Thank you

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Give all of your submit buttons the same name, but give them their own value (id of record?). Then just grab the value from $_GET[name-of-submit-buttons] – ಠ_ಠ Jul 28 '13 at 4:21
You probably could make use of if(isset($_POST['submit_function_1'])) { // code }; << submit button name number 1, and so on. Or you could use the case switch with $_GET. - Also, remember to add an action="..." to your form, if you're not using Ajax. You presently do not have an action set for it. – Fred -ii- Jul 28 '13 at 4:27
Fred, I cant really do that since the number of submit buttons is variable.. it could be 5, it could be 1000. Thanks though. I am still looking for help on this – mandalorianwarrior Jul 28 '13 at 22:12
I know it is passed more than 1 year since you posted the question, but since I was looking for a solution of the same problem, I solved putting the <form></form> inside the loop, and voilà it works! – koo27 Mar 29 at 22:39

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