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First of all I'm newbie to rails
I have a controller like this one. The queries are working fine.

class StoreController < ApplicationController

  def men_clothing
    @men_clothing=Category.find_by_name("clothes").products.where(product_type: "men")

Now I have a view for men_clothing in which I'm able to show all the products in @men_clothing instance variable by iterating over it.

But in my home page I have a links which I want to direct to @men_clothing_tshirt instance variable such that clicking on that link will show all the products of this instance variable.And if there is another link it should direct to a different instance variable.

How should I achieve this? Or suggest a alternative way to do this. Do explain how it works.

I know I can do that by making separate actions for each instance variable and making a view for it. But in that case I will have to make a lot of views.

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Maybe you could try something similar to this link?

[:tshirt, :pant, :banana_hammock].each do |category|
  get "mens_#{category}/:id", :controller => :mens, :action => :show, :type => category, :as => "mens_#{category}"

Then you'll get your paths that you're looking for, e.g. mens_tshirt_path, mens_pant_path, etc.

In your controller, you would change the action to change based on the incoming 'type'

class MenController < ApplicationController
  before_filter :find_clothing_by_category


  def find_clothing_by_category
    @clothing = Clothes.where(category: params[:type].to_s)
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your link is not redirecting to your instance, its redirecting to your action. so you have to define a new method for new link_to that, and define your @men_clothing_tshirt object in that method like this:

def your_method

and in your link_to redirect to your_method:

link_to "Tshirt", your_method_path

Hope it will help.Thanks

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As I mentioned I knew this method. But the thing is,by this method, I will have to create methods and views for all such instance variables.which are large in number. –  Mrudul T Jul 28 '13 at 6:13

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