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I'm using r.js to optimize/uglify my JavaScript code which is using RequireJS.

One of my modules is a polyfill module:

    if (!Array.prototype.filter)
    {  /* ... */ }

    var isPolyfillNeeded = function () { /* ... */ }

    if (isPolyfillNeeded()) {
        /* polyfill implementation */

The module causes parsing error thrown from r.js when trying to uglify it, saying:

Tracing dependencies for: ../scripts/main-app
Error: Parse error using UglifyJS for file: C:/.../polyfill.js
Unexpected character '?' (line: .., col: .., pos: ..)

In module tree:

When replacing var isPolyfillNeeded = function () with function isPolyfillNeeded(), it works fine. Why is that?

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What does the body of that function look like? –  Blender Jul 28 '13 at 6:31
@Blender apparently I had a bad character hiding somewhere (see stackoverflow.com/questions/12719859/…). I still can't explain why the var-function change solved it, but anyway - removing a bad character fixed it. Thanks. –  PineCone Jul 28 '13 at 9:22

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The problem was a bad character the was hiding somewhere in my code, as I copy pasted from some snippet. It was invisible so it was hard to spot.

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