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Does anybody know of a bookmarklet or firefox addon that let's you extract part of an url.

Specifically I want to extract the message id from a gmail conversation. Every message in gmail has a unique ID. The url may look like this: https://mail.google.com/a/domain.com/#all/1251b8f40722a3c2

What I want, is to be able to extract the last 16 characters (the "1251b8f40722a3c2" part) from the url and have it copied to the clipboard automatically.

A bookmarklet would be preferred (compatibility), but a firefox addon is also okay.

Thank you! :)

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Forgot all about this question. I got this answer from someone, I can't remember who. But maybe it will help someone else in my situation.


This javascript can be used in a bookmarklet like this. It extracts the message ID from Gmail, and shows it in a popup box. Unfortunatly it doesn't copy the ID to the clipboard, but you can just copy it from the popup, so that's ok.

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