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i'm working on an app using Blueprints and i followed the documentation quickstart on Blueprints but still have a 404 on my templates.

I got an admin blueprint looking like that:

from flask import Blueprint, render_template

admin = Blueprint('admin', __name__, template_folder='templates')

def admin_index():
    return render_template('admin/index.html.jinja2')

As described in the doc, my template is in /myapp/admin/templates/index.html.jinja2+

I register the blueprint in my app __init__.py file:

from flask import Flask
from . import config
from admin import admin

app = Flask(__name__)

# register my blueprint
app.register_blueprint(admin, url_prefix='/admin/')

If anyone have an idea about a mistake i could have done, please tell me !

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You are not accurate about docs. Your templates shoud be in


Note admin folder in templates.

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Thanks for your help ! You're right, i didn't understood the admin level inside the template folder was required. Thanks again –  phndiaye Jul 28 '13 at 14:11

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