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How can i condition a regex to check if string exists in the matched to not to don't duplicate it

here's an example of what i want ( false code )

$string = "1234";
$replacement = "/$1(5?)/"; // this should check if "5" is in $string, if not then add it with $1 
preg_replace('/(.*)/', $replacement, $string);

what's a good suggestion for $replacement ?
I only want to use preg_replace one line code no other function

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This smells like homework; why the need of only preg_replace()? –  Jack Jul 28 '13 at 9:16
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2 Answers

preg_replace('/^([^5]*)$/', '${1}5', '1253'); # => 1253
preg_replace('/^([^5]*)$/', '${1}5', '1234'); # => 12345

NOTE: used ${1}5 instead of $15 to distinguish group 1 from literal5`.

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you can use strpos()

if( strpos($string, $keyword) === false) {
 $string = $string. $keyword;
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OP explicitly said I only want to use preg_replace one line code no other function. –  falsetru Jul 28 '13 at 9:14
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