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I'm working on a rails application that takes ruby code as input and executes it. Since the code submitted comes from an untrusted domain, I want to restrict access to certain methods and modules. For example, I don't want users to access File.read or open().

Also, is it possible to restrict access to only a few modules? Only modules from a whitelist can be required from user submitted code.

I can probably do a validation on the user code, but I wanted to check if ruby language or any modules already have this capability.

Codeschool.com has interactive tutorials. I am wondering if they restrict access to user code or do any validation at all.

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I've always used shikashi with satisfaction for this kind of tasks.

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This looked very promising, but the version (0.5.2) I used was very buggy. Some of the examples did not work link‌​. –  wagaboy Jul 30 '13 at 2:16

Ruby has a built in feature for that, $SAFE

Some basic intro you can find here http://edwinmeyer.com/Release_Integrated_RHG_09_10_2008/chapter07.html and then you can easily google more (I can recommend only books)

Also take a look in here http://www.ruby-doc.org/docs/ProgrammingRuby/html/taint.html

From what I remember the solution here is to load your app, then raise $SAFE level to 4 in a thread, execute code there (this can't be lowered later so you first need to allow Rails to load in level 0)

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