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Can somebody help me for setting up rule based product relation for upsell product.

Suppose I have one SKU PROD1 and have 3 upsell manually defined say P1,P2,P3. Now I created a rule to for SKU PROD1 to add 5 more matching SKU say PR1,PR2...PR5.

Can some body help me to set up a rule for this. And how I can check this rule in manage product section for product PROD1.

Please help me, I am new to this feature of magento EE.

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WHat is you rule to "link up" these product together?

For my experience on EE, i am using some attributes & category to create the rule.

e.g. i am selling books, then I will set the rule to relate all books with specific Author & publisher. However you cannot generalize the rule to related the books having "same" author.

You have to set a value for each rule.

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