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We have multiple projects in svn repo.And for each project there are many users.As number of users is large so its troublesome to manage their commit rights using "Auth file". I have read somewhere that we can delegate user's rights to their managers by creating a text file.But i am not sure how to achieve this and perhaps hOOKS need to be configured for this .As i am new to SVN so need your expert advice.Please guide me how to achieve this and if you have hook already confgiured p,kindly provide.

How to setup access control in SVN? I have seen this link and answer by VonC is great and perfect for me.But i dont know how to start .. can anybody help me out here as i am not pro in svn and unix . Thanks in advance

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  1. Using single repository for multiple projects is Bad Idea (tm): one repo - one project
  2. Forget immediately about old as mammoth's shit SVN 1.5 - use at least 1.6 on client and server (1.8 may be best choice)


Simplified user-management for SVN-users can be reached using LDAP-based authentication instead of ordinary file (in case of "repository per project" <location> from answer will be location of each repo with SVNPath, in case of old structure <location> must be linked to every root of project) and having different groups for different repositories in Require ldap-group directive - read also Apache 2.2 docs in Apache Module mod_authnz_ldap part. From management POV, LDAP-auth and permissions means: each developer must be in LDAP-tree, included in one or more related to repositories groups

In case of additional requirement for Path-Based Authorization within repositories and using groups inside authz-file, you may find useful LDAP Groups to Subversion Authz Groups Bridge, which allow you to regenerate authz-groups from LDAP-data

As result, most (if not all) SVN-related ACLs can be managed in LDAP-side only

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We have multiple releases in project and for each release we have made branches/trunk/tags .So for a single repo (Java Code) we have many projects.But for other changes we have diff repo for eg for Sql changes we have diff repo. – Kaku Jul 30 '13 at 17:17
@JazzR - can't grok your workflow (or terms? Is "release" really "product"?) Anyway, ACLs inside repo isn't question of auth-technology, it's Path-Based Authorization. And see my remark 1 – Lazy Badger Jul 31 '13 at 8:39
yeah ... i used project specific term.Apologies.One thing i need to clarify,we are using different repositories.But within one repository ,we have different folders(projects)which are divided into branch,tag,trunk.Honestly Lazy ,am looking for other options,like maintaining a text file by managers and svn admin will handle rights of managers only. – Kaku Aug 12 '13 at 19:46

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