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I'm using https only for login action so when we post invalid password it will refresh the page with a validation error, in this case the https will block all css, js.. resources that start with http.

BTW I'm using Yii client package registration :


And login here is an asset package:

  'login' => array(
    'js'  => array('js/jquery.js', 'js/bootstrap.js', 'js/other.js'),
    'css' => array('css/other.css'),
    'depends'  => array('jquery'),
    'basePath' => 'theme'

So for example the css file will bock and choose the style of the page to be broken.

Is there any way ?

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You probably want to look into setting the basePath attribute of your package. More details here: http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/api/1.1/CClientScript#packages-detail

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