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I want to use the new GTKListBox and GTKListBoxRow used by Gnome in their Control Center using python 3 and gobject.

Here's a picture of the widgets I'm talking about:

Gnome Control Center GTK List Box

Looking the code I figured it out that the widgets were that ones, but maybe I'm mistaken.

Any way I could use them?


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They're just normal GtkWidgets so you shouldn't have a problem using them. However they are new in Gtk 3.10 which will have a stable release towards the 23 September. In the mean time you can build it from the git sources or if you're lucky your distribution might have some development packages (e.g. arch linux has the gtk3-git in the aur) If you decide to build it yourself I'd recommend using jhbuild as once you've set it up it makes it easy to stay up to date with the latest git changes. The documentation for the development version of gtk is available online

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Oh thanks! I'm using Arch and seing the widgets in the current control center I thought that it was already available in gtk, but as you pointed was included to gtk 3.10. Thanks –  faidoc Jul 29 '13 at 12:02

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