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I would like to ask some help regarding python import part. I would like to develop a small command line tool and I started to create minimal package structure of it.

It looks like this:


when I call in terminal the mytool.py file where the ArgumentParser is imported, then I got this error message:

ImportError: No module named ArgumentParser

The code looks like this:

import ArgumentParser
def main():

if __name__ == "__main__":

Does not matter whether I try to use

from mytool.system.argumentparser import ArgumentParser


from mytool.system import ArgumentParser

I got similar error messages about the Python environment cannot see module like this.

I went through a few tutorials and articles about it and I tried modifiy the PYTHONPATH variable without vein.

What is the good solution to reach the project modules easily?

Thanks in advance!

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The package is argparse. That's where ArgumentParser resides.

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Try adding this before the import of ArgumentParser

from system import *
from system.argumentparser import *
from system.argumentparser import ArgumentParser

Or just try:

from system.argumentparser import ArgumentParser

It may be that python hasn't established these directories as being packages yet, so the init.py was not compiled into a .pyc. Or you are referencing the myTool in the import when you shouldn't be. The import should start from the next directory, in this case "system", and not "mytool.system"

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