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I have already checked the existing questions on SO. I am a first time asker but always look for my problems here and usually find the solutions to them. This time I couldn't.

I'm trying to use echoprint's audio fingerprinting api and I have implemented the code successfully. But when I execute it I get this error:

        07-28 19:50:05.910: E/AndroidRuntime(23067): FATAL EXCEPTION: Thread-15102
        07-28 19:50:05.910: E/AndroidRuntime(23067): java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: 
Couldn't load echoprint-jni from loader    dalvik.system.PathClassLoader[dexPath=/data/app/com.example.realapptest1-2.apk,
    libraryPath=/data/app-lib/com.example.realapptest1-2]: findLibrary returned null

I do not really know how to solve this issue. The api folder comes with a "jni" folder if that helps. But I have literally no idea what else I am supposed to do.

As can be assumed I am using the Eclipse IDE. There are no errors in my application. I have proof checked it, there are no problems in my code.

Thank you.

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From documentation: link

UnsatisfiedLinkError: Thrown when an attempt is made to invoke a native for which an implementation could not be found.

Your app tries to call a native library and does not find it. Make sure that the native library is build and that you call


before you use it.

You can read more about Android Ndk here.

Also, here's a good tutorial that will make the Ndk easier to understand: link

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