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I'm working on a Rails 4 API where the client can post data to the controller and it will save in a database. I was wondering how i could implement the user to POST nested JSON and then have the controller accept the attributes and create a model with them. The JSON would look something like

  'identifier': {
    'name': 'Test'

Then in a private method i have

def parameters
    params.respond_to?(:permit) ?
        params.require(:picture).permit(:identifier) :
        params[:picture].slice(:identifier) rescue nil

And when i try to access the 'name' parameter in my controller as parameters[:identifier][:name] i get undefined method []. Any suggestions?

Create Action

@picture = parameters[:identifier][:name])

Picture model only has t.string :name

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Post the code for create action of your controller & also what fields you have in database i.e your models – CuriousMind Jul 28 '13 at 18:35
@GaurishSharma done – ny95 Jul 28 '13 at 18:38

Looks like the JSON has the string 'identifier' as a key whereas you are trying to access it with a symbol :identifier, which returns nil. So [] is not defined on nil. You should probably do parameters["identifier"]["name"].

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You can use nested JSON as long as you create them in your permitted parameters such as:

  def parameters
    params.respond_to?(:permit) ?
        params.require(:picture).permit(:identifier => [ :name ]) :
        params[:picture].slice(:identifier => [ :name ]) rescue nil

This works on Rails 4 using Strong Parameters

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